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Your school name and location will NOT be visible to any other teacher or student in MashPlant.
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This information is completely private. MashPlant doesn't show your login name, password or email to anyone except YOU. Your Title and last name will be visible to your students, and your name will show other teachers in the Teacher Community, MashPlant's teacher collaboration space.

I would like to receive email notifications about my students' MashPlant activity and have enabled my email to receive mail from

(What you will use to login to MashPlant as a teacher and for ALL your identities.)
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I intend to use MashPlant with students who are under13.

Yes, I understand that am responsible for getting written parent permission for all my MashPlant students using the permission forms available in the MashPlant Teacher Community Library. I understand that my students may not sign up until their parents have turned in verified consent (permission).
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