It was finaly time for the vodoo market and everyone was buzzing and talking and looking around at the beautiful vodoo dolls. It was also time for us vodoo dolls to look pretty in order for someone to buy us. Sometimes you are rejected and other times you get to go to a better home. In my case it does´nt end that way. Because i’m an ¨ugly” color of brown and dark green little african girls pass and leave me there lying on the woden crate with my thoughts and insecurities. I wish someone saw the bright colors of my heart and not my ugly clothhing. Not my fuzzy hair and croked eyes and ragety shoes. I wish people loved me for me and not my looks. The day passed by so slowly as always until i felt someone pick me up. I was the little african girl that passed by me early in the morning. She looked sad,but there was a sudden shine in her face. She paid the cashier and i was all sold out. I never thought i could expirience a day like this. It looked like she was walking towards a hut. ¨my new home¨ i thought. As she went inside i saw a closet full of dolls like me but all of their heads were….gone. I was now scared.¨dont worry little doll everything will be okay¨ she said in a evil voice. I tried to escape but of no use. She placed me on a table and went to go to the kitchen to get something. As she was gone i tried to escape. I jumped off the table and i heard a voice. I ran faster and ran through the little hole on the corner of the hut. I was free! I headed back to the market and talked with my old owner.